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Prompt, Proactive & Engaging 24/7 Live Chat Support for Your Website

24/7 Chat Services
24/7 Chat Services

A real-time and informative chat is a powerful tool to boost your website visitors trust. It helps in acquiring new customers and retaining existing.

Multiple Website
Multiple Website

Our Live Chat Agents service can be used on Multiple sites to save your money and manpower without any extra charge.

Marketing ROI
Marketing ROI

We will work with you in your objective to reach your marketing target and in increasing your site’s visitors for more conversions.

Proactive Chat Invite
Proactive Chat Invite

As soon as a visitor comes to your site, he’d be prompted to chat with us for help & support. This helps in converting a visitor into a prospective paying customer.

Marketing Scheme
Marketing Scheme

Our marketing strategies like SEO, Site Retargeting, PPC and Search Retargeting, are going to effectively promote your brand to your target market.


With customized live chat, you can send proactive invites and you can even modify sound alerts.

The Services We Offer

Flexible And Configurable Service


We make your customers feel special from the time they are respectfully greeted up to the time their issues have been resolved.


Flexible live chat allows you to setup shortcuts and modify preset responses for better and faster assistance.


Reaching your marketing ROI is your goal, helping you achieve that goal is our objective.


Configurable service allows your visitor to enjoy features like file sharing and downloading of chat transcripts.


Our lead generation specialists can help you reach prospective paying customers in your line of business. We have state of the art tools, methods & trained staff to help you with it.


Tracking your visitors’ location and accessing chat history is possible with customized chat service.

Our Team Is Well-Prepared In Dealing With Your Online Visitors And Currently Assisting More Than 15 Countries

We know how important it is to entice and keep customers. That is why our skilled and dedicated live chat agents are trained to deal with different issues related to 15 industries. This kind of specialization has been proven effective in retaining customers and enticing different industries’ target market.

Live Chat by Live person

Now Chat With Your Visitors In The Real-Time

Live Chat Support Australia

An informative and caring Live Chat Support Australia is must to make visitors & existing customer feel cared. This also boosts customers’ confidence in your business.

Live Chat

With live chat assistance, it will be easy for you to build up your brand, gain more visitors and achieve more conversions.

Online Live Chat Support

Generating more sales is easy with online live chat support because you will be able to entice visitors to be paying customers.

24/7 Live Chat Support Services

Live chat support service makes customers feel important. Most site visitors like having the option to contact 24/7 support service.

Benefits with LiveChatExpert
  • Never miss any potential customer
  • Greater chances generating more online business
  • Increased sales with effective brand management
  • Meeting the requests of every customer from every part of the world
LiveChatExpert Valued Features
  • Analysis and evaluation of the website
  • Implementation of latest web technology
  • Converting new customers as lifelong clients and maintaining a happy relation with existing clients
  • Increasing brand awareness with promoting products and services
  • Utilizing adaptive advertising strategies for targeting the right customer
Our Philosopy

Increasing Sales with One Stop Solution for Bridging Customer Communication Gap

Are looking for live chat assistance service for your online business? Or require customer service and support for brand management? Your business needs smooth relationship with customers. The communication between customer and client is essential for creating a positive brand image with positive goodwill.

Welcome to LiveChatExpert where we ease our clients hectic workload by providing effective 24/7 live chat support. We have custom tailored our service package with additional features to boost sales, increase ROI and gain leads for future promotion. The Live App innovated and designed for real time communication with customers adds more value to our, our name says all about us.

We are a notable company with presence of potential companies, institutions and organization involved in online business. LiveChatExpert provides Live Chat by Liveperson in correlation with online help system aligning customer communication. Our prominent feature includes outsource chat support, where we take care of customers on behalf of the client.

Above and all, we offer services that are required by every minor and major online business or website to meet its global goal of profit maximization.

What We Do?

We are highly thankful to our clients, who have helped us grow immensely in a short time span. LiveChatExpert values all customers and offers additional services for long lasting client-customer relationship. For clients with extra request we offer unmatched quality PPC, SEO and Online Marketing services at a package that suits the budget. Simply drop a query with your requirements and our team will provide you a smart quotation fulfilling all basic business needs.

Our Live Chat Agents Are Well Accomplished To Work On

  • Live PersonLive person
  • Live ChatLive Chat
  • Pure chatPure Chat
  • Offer ChatOffer Chat
  • Zopim ChatZopim Chat
  • Click DeskClick desk

Happy Customers Indicate Happy Business Hours

Online Help Desk

More customers with solved mind mean more profit. We understand the importance of your target audience for meeting the expected results. Our online help desk reverts to customers need at real time, while you keep track of every customer and every inquiry message.

We have streamlined a result-oriented plan for removing the hassles between customer and client.

USA and global website owners can visit our another Live chat support website to hire our chat support agents now.

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