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LiveChatExpert bring forth the services that has been the secret of success for leading entrepreneurs, corporate, websites, eCommerce business and leading start-ups. We have formulated our services after deep research on modern market and its online ethics. Our chat services have brought a revolution for sales lead management and online chat system supported portals. Websites with live chat software are most welcomed to render our services. We are a globalized company with a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience in online marketing and understanding customer behavior. The detail shared by the customers safely centralizes under lead management cycle, where quality leads filter for better use. In other terms, we handpick the best for your business and leave the unrequited leads.

Customer Assistance

Customers are increasing day by day and their questions need answers instantly. We understand the fact and take care of every valued customer. Our team answers questions related to order, installation, repair, fixing troubleshoot, technical upgrades and installation. We process all solutions to the customer via phone call, social networking and email.

Technical Support

The advent of modern electronics and technology bring complexity for users. Luckily, we offer impeccable technical support services to end users, who are facing trouble with mobile phone, computer, home appliances, gadgets and software products. To maintain our global reach, we have recruited agents proficient in UK and US English with knowledge of other major languages.

Order/Sales Management

Never miss any customer interested in your product or service. We answer every request and ensure the orders deliver on time. Moreover, our agents diligently listen to the customer and ensure there is no payment troubleshoot or inconvenience in delivery.

Sales Campaign

We know how to monetize, plan and execute marketing campaigns to reach directly to the target audience. LiveChatExpert follows strict guidelines shared by Google, Bing and other search engines for online ad campaigns.

Online Task Management

Yes, we know how busy our clients remain. Our agents make client’s business life smooth. We manage all minor and major tasks on behalf of the client. We are a true expert in answering customer calls, make travel reservations, schedule appointments, meeting, conference and set reminders for important decisions. By choosing us, the clients stay stress free and we share complete access to the management for tracking business report.

Database Services

Lead generation, lead processing and lead management. We significantly increase the accuracy of the database. Our agents filter existing leads for maintaining maximum percentage of long life customers. LiveChatExpert secures latest data of the customer for sales targeting in a categorical sequence.

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